ABCs of Teaching

Assessment is ongoing, both for the student and teacher

Books can be “mirrors, windows, or sliding doors” for our pupils. Where possible read aloud daily.

Courage – it takes courage to commit to this profession with the lack of resources and supports for our students

Downtime. It’s essential to carve some out for ourselves. (Refer to N)

Energy waxes and wanes – vital to have class brain breaks

Fall heralds the start of a new year

Gratitude – we can make a difference and witness the impact

Hellos start our day

“Inside voices, please!” is often heard

Jump for joy for the small victories

Keep exemplars – students love seeing powerful examples of kids work

Love for our littles

More to teaching than just the classroom – committees anyone?

Never ending – our job doesn’t end with the bell.

Open ended questions elicit the best dialogue

Pee pee dance – Kindergarten teachers rapidly learn the signs, or else disaster looms

Quiet moments are precious

Read! Read more. Read for your life. Read for a rich inner world.

Students – they are the heart of why we teach

Understand the big picture and don’t jump to conclusions – essential both for classroom and school dynamics

Valor – all teachers, in my opinion, deserve a medal of valor

Would I do it again? I hear educators grappling with this. Cuts to education in North America have left educators frustrated and disheartened with the system.

X – hugs

You never know what the day will bring, it is full of quiet surprises

Zzz 😴 essential

Now dear reader, what are your essential ABCs of teaching?

(I can already hear someone bellowing, “Coffee! She left off coffee!?”)


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