Today’s Slice is inspired by a quote within On A Thought’s blog post about hearing Jason Reynolds speak.


I’ve been thinking about books lately – specifically the type of books within my classroom and my school.


Never mind that we have books within our school library and book rooms that are







At the end of the last school year the VP and a couple of staff members, including me, culled the intermediate book room

Ancient dusty tomes

Yellowed weathered pages

racist and sexist editions that was ‘acceptable’ many years ago

All sent to the dust bin


We sorely need books reflective of our school community – ethnically diverse.


Underscored by Jason Reynolds

“Why would I want to have a relationship with literature if these books don’t want to have a relationship with me?”

7 thoughts on “#OwnVoices

  1. Yes, I have been trying to work on this. Consciously getting more books for my classroom library that reflect who my students are. Loved the images you created with your words.

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  2. Sounds like a moving keynote (Jason Reynolds) that has pushed many people to not only think but to act. Love the way you bring interest and drama to the act of weeding your book room with the formatting. Beautifully done here.

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  3. There is no doubt about it that this is all about intention. We have to intentionally make choices in our curriculum, which includes our libraries, to bring books with characters and authors who look like the students with whom we are entrusted. For 15 years, I was in a mostly Latino community; it took time, but we developed a beautiful classroom and school public library that represented our students. Now, I am in a primarily Asian middle school, and access is slow — main character and authors in middle and YA novels are emerging but not anywhere close to what it needs to be. Aru Shah and A Night Diary were gifts for my students who had NEVER read a book in school that had a main character like them.

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