‘Da Bird’ is Dead

Those of you with pets, do you have one toy that your critter is ABSOLUTELY obsessed with?

My two year old cat is fanatical about ‘Da Bird’ so much so that I need to keep it locked in my laundry room.

Anytime I walk by the laundry room he assumes it’s an imminent invitation to play.

Today was no different

Opening the door

He hops

deftly in

Dragging out with pride

Da Bird

Attached to a string and slender rod

Easily five times his length

I pause my chores


Tail kept high

he leaps, swerves, and contorts his body

to catch that swooping Bird

Feathers caught

he refuses to release his prey

I attempt to pry Da Bird from his mouth

In response he growls


I seize the moment to load the laundry machine

Task completed I turn my back

to find




the floor

Cat perplexed

unable to reanimate game.

Da Bird is dead!

He proceeds to hassle his older brofur

Then flops

staring at me with discontent

I remind him that this is all his doing

but a cat obsessed with his toy

Can’t be cajoled

Until I make a trip to the pet store

And buy another Da Bird

And it starts




2 thoughts on “‘Da Bird’ is Dead

  1. What a fun playtime and a cute cat! My dog is totally not into toys at all, unless they are kid toys, then she will try to sneak to chew it up!

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  2. He is ridiculously gorgeous! Wow! And yes, my cats all have their toys that they are obsessed with. We have two toys that have to be locked away and only brought out for supervised play because they cause such problems. But they also inspire some amazing hunting, leaping, and joy!

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