Getting Older

Age. We all age. That is a given. But do we have to get older? A recent Twitter thread has had me contemplating the passage of time.

Compared to my youth I now enjoy a quiet evening in than a busy night out. I have switched from a doer to being. Being enough. Being satisfied. Being grateful for what I have in my life. Being worried and scared for friends that have health issues. Being concerned that the time I have on this planet with them is finite.

Here I am world, midlife. What does the next chapter of my life portend?


7 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. So much of what she tweeted is so accurate! Age used to not bother me, but now when I feel something weird with my body, I begin to think what health issue COULD

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    1. Oops..I hit publish before I was done! I begin to think what health issues COULD it be? I know that I have lived longer than I have left to live. And all of that seems very, very real. So, yes, I am fine with being, too!

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  2. The nice thing about getting older is that you get to pick how busy you want to be. Retirement has shown me that I can control certain aspects of my life that were once dictated by my working schedule.

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  3. I so appreciate your post. Especially the notion of the finite time left to spend with those we love. I would say it is the main thing about aging that makes me unhappy. Other than that, it is ok! Thank you!

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