Not Quite as Advertised

I thought I was going to attend a musical comedy, not an angst ridden production.

It received rave reviews! Really?

Sold out? How come?

Sitting in the darkened theatre, mind wandering, ruminating this was supposed to be a self-care Sunday afternoon – a Broadway musical matinée enjoyed with a friend.

My thoughts continued to ramble . . . lunch was amazing – I’m really glad we found that café, I wonder what’s going to happen next in the book I just started reading this morning . . . next thing I know I start to nod off.

The musical fades into white noise until a particularly vibrant duet shakes my stupor. Unfortunately the duet was the only highlight of the first act.

At intermission my friend asks what I think of the production. I say the duet was the highlight for me but the rest of it rest was merely meh. She concurs and admits she had a hard time remaining awake. I perk up and admit, Me too!

She asks if I’d like to leave. With profound relief I answer, yes.

While leaving the theatre I muse, this is self-care.


7 thoughts on “Not Quite as Advertised

  1. I used to go to a lot of off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway shows when I lived in NYC so I can definitely relate. I only left one once and that’s because it was a total disaster. Sometimes you’ve gotta take care of you!

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  2. I get it! Many moons ago we took our family to a musical that was all the rage. We stuck it out – for better or worse. It has provided such laughter and memories whenever we recall the event!

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  3. I’d love to hear more about the reference to self care at the end. I’ve been wondering about this as self justification for relaxing or a genuine need that many people neglect. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I’m curious about your reference to self care at the end. Do you feel it is self justification for relaxation or a genuine need that is neglected by the demands of our culture? Thanks for sharing.

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    1. For me self care is understanding my needs and limitations. The musical wasn’t meeting the threshold of entertainment so it didn’t make sense to sit through the remainder.


  5. I sometimes wonder if critics are paid to give a good review. I have seen a few “hits” that were not in my book. I could kick myself for spending all that money on tickets for a show that wasn’t up to par, at least in my book.

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