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What have you read lately that intrigued you and gave you pause for thought? This past week I finished reading An Ocean of Minutes. It’s not a book that would be my first choice, especially with the Corona virus heading towards pandemic stages. But alas, I did not select this book . . . it was one of the book club set available through our public library, where my book clubs meets.

The book is beautifully written with haunting vignettes. If you are willing to be transported into the hearts of others, I recommend you give it a read.

8 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. I’ve read nothing this profound lately. Just finished The Testaments by Margaret Atwood and it was good, not great. I need a new one that will zig with me. I love a good rec any day

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  2. My book club today discussed “Picture Me in the Light” by Kelly Loy Gilbert, a YA novel about a Chinese-American teenager living in Silicon Valley. It’s a real page-turner with many themes, which the author handles deftly, and gives the reader a lot to think about.

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  3. Interesting. I read An Ocean of Minutes last year, and I really, really disliked it. I had to force myself to skim through the last half so I could see how it turned out, and if her struggles were worth it. On a similar topic, the one I loved that was also a pandemic book was Station Eleven. That is one in which the sentences took my breath away and I was very strongly moved by the story. But I also am telling myself not to think about it approximately 5 times a day at the moment.

    I am struggling a bit with my reading at the moment. I am halfway through American Dirt, which my sister asked me to read with her, and I am not finding it compelling, because it is so unrelentingly grim. I am also halfway through David Sedaris’ Calypso, and while he is usually so funny, he is writing a lot about some very difficult family challenges that are not (nor should they be) amusing. I’m also reading Other People’s Houses, which is good, but is so not appropriate for my daily SSR with 6th graders. So I’m stuck. Maybe I should read Good Omens again. 😃

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    1. Thanks for sharing your current reads. My book club will be reading Station Eleven in a couple of months – I wonder if I will feel the same way about it as I did An Ocean of Minutes. I know there is no way that I can read American Dirt because of its grimness.

      In class for SSR I finished reading Ling Tang and the Pirate Queen. I really enjoyed it – it’s filled with magic and adventure.


      1. Your book club is going for the pandemic apocalypse vibe for sure! It will be interesting to see how everyone compares it to An Ocean of Minutes, because they certainly have some overlapping thematic areas, although very different books.


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