What comes to mind, dear reader, when you see the word ‘caterwauling’?

Something unpleasant? Off key?

Sounds that just get under your skin and make you want to shriek for the hills?

Lucky you, only seeing this word on this Slice.

I, poor sod, yesterday evening was imbedded in caterwauling.

My community choir director gleefully was teaching us the parts to Lux Arumque. I sitting in in the back row, learning my part for Alto 2, was bombasted by the various dissonant parts. I couldn’t quite figure out where to come in – with eight different parts my ear was being tossed around.

The director assured us that once we learn the song it we be hauntingly beautiful.

I look forward to the day I have appreciation for this song, as for this moment I only have an appreciation for the word that describes our singing process for Lux Arumque: caterwauling.


3 thoughts on “Caterwauling

  1. Starting a new piece in a community choir is always interesting, lol.

    And to answer your question, and why I clicked on your link, the word caterwauling makes me think of my dad! He’s actually the only one I have ever heard use that word! He always uses it for any female voice that sounds big and high, even if it’s not bad. He would use it to describe me sometimes (vocal major in college) even though he didn’t mean I sounded bad and it would drive me nuts!

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