Comfort Food

You know that feeling when you are hankering for something just to hit the spot?

Well for the past couple of days I had that. This morning I made myself a breakfast that was just right.

Toast made just right.

The toast toasted perfectly – a light golden brown (not done to the point where it becomes a desiccated cracker).

Eggs made just right.

The whites cooked yet the yolks are still slightly runny for dipping into the toast.

Bacon just right.

Thick sliced bacon, neither overcooked to cinders, nor undercooked with raw patches. Succulent slices of ambrosia.

All combined makes a breakfast sandwich which in sum is more than just all right.

I hope the rest of the day is alright. That the news feed is alright. But I have an impending sense of doom: we are heading for Italy. The world is not alright.

For the moment, I am alright and need to focus on my just right meal.



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