Six Six Word Memoirs

Novels and memoirs read for fun.

Walks along river to ground me.

Daily cuddles with my sweet cats.

Spring Break is almost over – oi!

Panic ensues. How will I teach?

Feeling uncertain, frustrated, concerned, and worried.

17 thoughts on “Six Six Word Memoirs

  1. I love that you captured what has been happening in your life and your thoughts and emotions in six-word memoirs. I never would have thought of this! Great job! Several of them could apply to my life as well. I must try it out in my writer’s notebook.

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    1. Thank you. It’s the unknown which is most unsettling – what platform are we going to be using, is there going to be any training, guidance and support . . . Good to know that after first view days it gets better. Right now it feels like I’m headed out on a road trip without a map. I need some landmarks!

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  2. Love the 6 word strategy! Each one contains multitudes (to paraphrase Whitman) yet allows the reader to pause and think about the individual memoirs and the collection. Your progression allows us to travel alongside your range of feelings.

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  3. As the month wears on, 6 word memoirs and haikus make so much sense. I feel this writing group is more of a journal that I could rummage through later to find scraps to assemble into something more ambitious. Love these.


  4. Six by six, and a full story is told. I may have to try this format, as balance to my usual verbosity when writing. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  5. I just made a six word poem post about my morning coffee. I find that when I am struggling for a post, six word poems always inspire me. A teacher is a teacher, no matter what. You will do fine. I’ve just been through my second week and, while in no way has it been easy, or natural, or even good, I’ve managed. You will do your best and your students will still respond to you.

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  6. I love the sequence of six word poems that you wrote here, summing up the fun parts of your break, the shock of it ending so soon, and the anxiety that so many of us feel about resuming teaching in a very new way next week. I like your idea of having students write six word poems. I may use your idea too. It sounds like a good way to get the kids writing and talking about their experiences with quarantine as we start our new education reality. My sixth grade boys who hate to write will especially love this. I can just hear them saying, “I only have to write SIX words?!!?”

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    1. Thanks for your feedback🙂 I like the idea of having students write about their experiences so far with quarantine using six word poems. It isn’t daunting. It’s a format that they can easily feel success. I am sure their anxiety levels are high right now. I want them to feel successful at a new academic task

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