“Cherita (pronounced CHAIR-rita) is a linked poetry form. It consists of a one-line stanza, followed by a two-line stanza, and then finishing with a three-line stanza. Cherita is the Malay word for ‘story’ or ‘tale.’
The Cherita aims to convey a story. It was created by Ai Li (A UK poet and artist) on June 22, 1997 in memory of her grandparents, who were renowned storytellers. A Cherita poem does not require a title, something that adds to its unique qualities. The three separate stanzas are in effect 6 lines: a single line, a couplet, then a tercet. The line lengths are at the poets’ discretion.”

Many thanks to Mo Daley from Ethical ELA for introducing me to this type of poem. Here is my creation:

Weary bones ache, muscles throb

Injuries, accidents and overexertion

deplete ancient feeling body

Slowly sink into bathtub of steaming hot water

generously laced with Epsom salt ~

the elixir of Magic Dust melts tension and pain away. Ahh . . .

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