Good Enough

Created a blog. Not thrilled with current format.

Good enough.

Will my posts be articulate?



Maybe not, but they will be

Good Enough

Will they be polished? Have luster?

Probably not, but they will be

Good Enough

Good enough to commit words to a page.

Good enough to be part of a writing community.

Good enough to give myself permission to be flawed – be a writer, experiment with a mess on a page and be satisfied that for this moment, this Slice of Life, that I am



11 thoughts on “Good Enough

  1. Of course it is good enough. Here is a poem my dad used to say to us when we doubted ourselves:

    Good. Better Best.
    Never let it rest.
    ‘Til your Good is Better
    And your Better, Best.

    This month is all about the journey!

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  2. I have to constantly remind myself of this whenever I post a slice of life! I should print out your post and hang it over my desk. 🙂 And, letting my posts be just “good enough” is one of the things I like about slicing this month–I can’t get hung up on making it perfect. Thanks for articulating what so many of us feel!

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    1. Thank you Natasha for validating my feelings. Knowing that other educators have this innate need to perfect a slice makes me wonder how many of our students feel the same way in regards to their writing – angst, self-doubt, & fear.


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