I like lists. A list is like an external hard drive for my brain.

Work to do list (never ending-more keeps being added before the original list is crossed out)

Jobs to do around the house

Grocery shopping list

And now a new list to collate:

possible topics & formats for this month’s SOL challenge

Aforementioned list shall become a post!

Stayed tuned!!!

(My brain meanwhile heaving a sigh of relief)


7 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I love this!! I am such a list person too!! One of the greatest feelings is being able to cross things off you list! Happy you felt relief from crossing this off yours! Happy SOLing!


  2. I love lists, too! They make me relax, just to know that what is in my busy brain is now down on paper, neatly written and not swirling around making me crazy. 😉 This line is perfect: A list is like an external hard drive for my brain.” I agree!! Great post!

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