Danger Floof

A ferocious beast visited my home! Full of fluff and insatiable curiosity.

She staked my condo as her own personal playground: on chair, over sofa, under bed. No corner left unexplored.

Two vassals to do her bidding: one welcoming, a middle aged tabby, the other, a young whipper-snapper of a forest cat, vigilant of her every move certain that she posed DANGER.

Miss Floof, so content in ruling a new realm, did not want to leave when her human requested it. Alas, she was forced, in an undignified manner into a conveyance known as a cat carrier.

Overall the humans were much delighted in this evening’s version of animal-vision.

Expect further installments from the chronicles of Camp Cat.


12 thoughts on “Danger Floof

  1. What a beautiful cat. I love cats and loved how one came to visit you. We lost our almost 19 year old cat a few years back. It was hard, but what has been harder is getting another one.

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  2. She certainly is a floofy cat! I had one who used to travel with me when I would visit my parents from grad school, and she was certain that this new house was obviously her domain. And look- it came with cat minions to do her bidding. I never could figure out why my Mom’s cats put up with this!

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