Forest cat

confined to a condo

Infuses the space with personality

Tail aloft in the A.M.

Two stepping around my legs

Pruuting “I want to play!”

Groggy I fix my mug of tea

Meanwhile his round blue eyes beseech me

I pick him up, hoping to distract him

The susurration of purrs are dulcet tones to my ears

A steaming mug of tea and a bundle of love are a wonderful way to start my day

Minutes pass by

He then bounds from my arms to the floor, zipping to the closet door

Loudly requesting I remove ‘Da Bird’

Bird in flight!




Acrobatics second nature

I attempt to remove Da Bird from his mouth – he replies with a low growl.

My shower awaits along with the hustle and bustle of the day

Playtime over

I wrestle Da Bird from the jaws of his mouth.

Miffed at the abrupt end of his entertainment he


to the top

of the pantry

A bird’s eye view of my every move.


8 thoughts on “Cathlete

  1. So much to love about this! First, the style and vivid imagery I was able to have as a reader. Second, I felt like I was reading about my cat. Finally, the picture. Oh, my! What a handsome cat! I had to reread it after seeing what the cat looked like, so I could picture it exactly with him in mind.

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      1. That’s the age I call “mostly cat.” Our youngest cat is getting close to 3, and she is finally starting to look more “mature” and “cat-like” instead of “kitten-y.”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I like your term of ‘mostly cat’. He is still very kitten like – full of antics and mischief. He is currently mewling pityingly to be played with while I heat up my dinner.

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