My Job – in less than 140 characters


Immerse 8 year olds in a cauldron of literature.  Throw in content areas to spice.  Simmer for the course of a school year.  Result – a bevy of young Book Dragons.




  • I teach in Vancouver, British Columbia where I have professional autonomy on how to teach curricular competencies.  I choose to teach them, wherever possible, through the lens of literature – my passion and strength.
  • I purloined the term Book Dragon from Kathie MacIsaac, co-founder of MG Book Village


If you needed to compose a tweet length summary of your job description, what would it be?



12 thoughts on “My Job – in less than 140 characters

  1. I will mull the Tweet-size description challenge (it is much harder to saw few words than many). Right now I celebrate that you have profession autonomy with your curriculum – and that you hatch more book dragons.:)

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  2. Hatching book dragons seems like the best possible job! I really admire the craft here and the unexpected word choices–the cauldron of literature gives me this wonderful image of a big soup pot with favorite books swirling in it. (Also I am saving this idea for later this month. Thanks for the inspiration!)

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