Lying in bed awake ten minutes prior to my alarm going off, I thought about the word ‘liminal’. I was in a liminal space, reposed and not quite awake, prior to the jolt of music which signals the start of my day.

My grey tabby hopped up on the bed and nestled on top of my chest. He batted my face with his paws, commanding me to pet him, and preceded to purr contentedly. Next he commenced making biscuits with my bosom.

I enjoyed this quiet oh so gentle greeting to the beginning of the day. Then in no time of all, my alarm came alive with the voice and lyric’s of Andrea Day’ Rise Up.

Rise Up I did, the liminal space whisping away, the hubbub pressing forward.


2 thoughts on “Liminal

    1. Thank you for pinpointing that I used an interesting word as a focus – it was a subconscious decision of mine. Your comment helped me select a focus word for today’s Slice.


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