Same but Different

This Slice is inspired by Quinn’s slice. At the end of her post she asked, “What is your same but different?” It had me pondering and jotting down notes. And lo and behold, a Slice emerged. Thanks for the inspiration, Quinn!

Cats vs Dogs (can’t choose, love both!)

Walk vs Drive (I am fortunate that I live 3 km from work. I will walk if the weather is good AND I don’t have a pile of stuff to cart to school.)

Red Rose vs. Lipton (I abhor Lipton. When I travel I ensure that I bring my own personal stash of tea bags with me, lest I am faced with icky mud tasting off-putting Lipton.)

Magazines vs. Books (come on, there is no choice when I have a moniker of Book Dragon!!!!)

Spring vs Fall (Spring has promise, hope, and rebirth.)

Lay’s vs. Ruffles

Lindt vs. Hershey

Expo dry erase markers vs. Bic (get real, I have yet to find any dry erase marker that is better than Expo. However Expos are so pricey. Uggh. I am sure this is a common teacher lament.)

What would your same vs. different look like if you only had a focus on regional items?


7 thoughts on “Same but Different

  1. This was a fun read. Like a would you rather but in simpler terms and not disgusting! The items with no explanation next to the parenthetical explanations is a neat juxtaposition.

    Living in the rural Midwest I’m not sure of any specific regional things. Denny’s vs applebee’s (neither? Is neither a choice ?) 🙂 I’m filing this concept away for the future.

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    1. I agree that it is far more palatable than a Would You Rather 😊 Thanks for pointing out the juxtaposition.


  2. I am finding a number of mentor texts this morning — Posts that are so fun to read that I am making a note for the next time I need inspiration for SOL. I’ll be thinking about the challenge to stay regional. Thanks for the inspiration.

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