Tension, that I didn’t realize I was holding, suddenly disappeared in an instant.

My mood lifted.

My tiredness lightened.

Angst diminished.

All this occurred when I read the headlines from this afternoon’s news presser.

Education workers will be vaccinated in April.

It seems too good to be true – the long standing narrative has been schools are safe and teachers are overreacting: You’ll get your vaccine in August.

No mask mandate at the elementary level, no reductions in class size, second highest workplace claims in the province for catching COVID while at work . . . to say teachers have been feeling gaslit is an understatement.

I’ll take my jab with a smile.

Now I can truly enjoy Spring Break.


5 thoughts on “Relief

    1. Thank you. Being constantly vigilant has depleted me. I am so, so grateful to know I’ll be getting a vaccine in the next month.


  1. When I was able to sign up for a vaccine appointment, I felt like I had won a golden ticket. I am so happy for you and simultaneously so frustrated you were forced to work under those conditions and be made to feel manipulated.

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    1. Thanks Meg. We have been in person since September. I agree it feels like a golden ticket. Eagerly waiting to cash it in.


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