Who Am I?

I am a pineapple on pizza person, definitely not an olive on pizza patron.

I am a chortle-til-I-snort-laugh person.

I am NOT a gatekeeper barricading in joy.

I am a quiet seeking peace loving gal.

I am NOT a crowd-seeking-noise-making partier.

I am a tall truth teller, not a shrinking violet.

I am a lit-loving-librarian at heart

I am a collector of words





6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I love your word choices (I tried to pick a favorite but there are too many great lines!) This is a great I am poem and I really like how you shortened the lines at the end – it was fun to read aloud!

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  2. “lit-loving-librarian at heart” A delightful phrase. Love the alliteration in the first line. And that you continue wordsmithing. You are someone i would love to know.

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