It is a Sign

Do you ever have a technical issue that you just can’t solve, and give up?

Remember when WordPress switched to Block Editor last year?

Well, some how that update mucked up the ability for me to publish or make updates on my classroom blog.

After figuratively banging my head against the computer monitor too many times to count, I gave up. I took it as a sign that the Universe decided that something should be taken off my plate during this year of pandemic teaching.

Flash forward to the end of February 2021. I was still unable to use my classroom blog. However MIRACULOUSLY I was able to continue to use this blog for Slice of Life. I have been merrily posting daily slices and have been uplifted by this wonderful writing community.

It got me thinking . . .

I am really, REALLY good at developing a community of readers in my classroom. Writing, not so much. We write but it does not have the same level of joy and wonder. The Classroom Slice of Life challenge could just be what I needed to add a much needed spark.

But the logistics . . .

The only way I see being able to manage a Classroom SOLC is for students to write in their Writing Notebook and for me to either take photos of their work or transcribe and then publish to my classroom blog. Just one pesky problem, I haven’t been able to make that $%@#& site work . . .

Guess what?

I revisited and tinkered my class blog . . .

Et voila!

It is a sign.

5 thoughts on “It is a Sign

  1. Yipee for tech issues being resolved. Having a class join the Classroom Challenge brings so much enthusiasm for writing. The authentic audience is powerful, for every writer. Pictures of students’ physical notebooks or links to Google Docs (with the permissions set to anyone with the link) work if the students won’t have access to their own blogs. Make sure you have a way for people to leave comments. Enjoy!

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  2. Yay! I’m glad you go it to work!

    And omg, yes on the block editor!!!! I guess it hadn’t changed until after March was over because I only noticed it this year when I started. I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!!

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  3. Oh my! Who likes that block editor??? I hate it. I also gave up last year and was reminded how much I hated it on March 1 when I came back to this blog. I’m getting a bit better, but am still wondering why they changed. I hope you will join the student slice of life. I have rarely had more than three or four finish the challenge, but the ones who do have an amazing sense of accomplishment. We’ve been practicing in our notebooks in class and my students are doing really well at finding topics. I’m hoping this year I will have at least eight who go the entire way.

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