What is the product?

7 more days til the end

7 more days filled with chicken scratch (AKA random thoughts in writing journal)

7 more days of reading, writing, learning.

What is the product?

Self satisfaction

Growing confidence as a writer

Connections with a special community

The product is priceless.

7 thoughts on “What is the product?

  1. The product is indeed priceless. 24 days in speaks to a firm commitment. 24 days suggests a degree of pleasure and satisfaction with the process so far. 7 more days might be the beginning of a new phase of writing life.


  2. Yes, 7 more days. I wonder if these are the hardest! But you are so right about the rewards, and every time I’m stuck and some ‘chicken scratch’ comes out, I’m surprised and grateful. Here’s to making it to the end.


  3. Your hook on the blog caught my eye as the product was not so straightforward, but based on your post, exponentially greater than the “sum of the parts.” And I agree that when we make time for what we value, we become what we desire. Way to go!

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