Unfortunately Fortunately

Unfortunately I became obsessed with finding an object that went missing at home, a small condo.

Fortunately I stopped myself after 25 minutes and made plans to replace it.

Unfortunately it inconvenienced me.

Fortunately I was able to alter my plans.

Unfortunately it was headphones for my iPhone that disappeared.

Fortunately it wasn’t a pair of iPods. (I view iPods as very expensive cat toys, and knew buying them would only lead to heartache for me and entertainment for feline friends.)

Unfortunately it is going to drive me bonkers not knowing where they up and went and disappeared to

Fortunately I named this disappearing space ‘Z Space’ and sometimes things magically reappear.

14 thoughts on “Unfortunately Fortunately

    1. I actually never read the book! I saw a slicer use this format a couple of weeks ago and thought I’d give it a whirl.


  1. I really like this structure. I recently tried it and I started writing about a tooth ache and the slice just wrote itself! I hope your magic works this time! I too get so upset when I misplace things. But, somehow they always turn up!

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  2. Yours was not the only slice using this format that I read tonight. I’ve never used it but am thinking the Slice of Life gods may be pushing me to give it try. Unfortunately, there is only one more day of the challenge. Fortunately, twowritingteachers gives us a chance to write all year long. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you find your expensive cat toys.

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