Now – Then

Now I can grab a cup of coffee on almost any street corner: Starbucks is ubiquitous & McDonalds carries McCafé

Then I’d have to find a café

Now I can watch TV on demand

Then I’d have to rewind and fast forward my VCR

Now I have a Smartphone

Then I’d have to find a pay phone

Now I have Google to search for content

Then I’d have to rifle through a card catalogue

Now when I want to read a book, I merely have to open the Overdrive App on my tablet & borrow a digital copy from my public library

Then I’d have to trek to the nearest public library branch, not knowing if the title I wanted was available

Now I have Pinterest to search for teaching ideas & inspiration

Then I was provided with textbooks and resources for teaching

All those nows and thens roll together

Twenty five years have gone by in the blink of an eye.

How has the world changed since you started teaching?


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