I’m floundering for a Slice today . . .

So I’ll talk about my outing to Starbucks

A friend texted me asking if I wanted to go for a walk to Starbucks, as she received a promotional email from them. I didn’t get one, but sure why not.

A Starbucks opened in our neighborhood not too long ago. We took the scenic route there, by walking along the river and then looping back.

Arriving at the coffee shop I dithered over my choice. Warmed by the walk I decided upon a medium iced Passion tea, half sweet. (I can never bring myself to refer to the sizing as venti or grande because it just sounds too pretentious.)

My friend decides to treat me to the drink as she has the promotional coupon. She selects a Rose Tea latté, a fine choice – it is one of my favorite hot drinks.

We sip away talking about life and work.

As we leave we notice a dog tied up outside the entrance. Both animal lovers we stop to admire it, but this pooch was definitely not fond of strangers. The owners arrive and we find out that it is an 8 month old mini Australian Shepard. My friend is enthralled with the pup, querying it’s origin – a breeder near Sherward Park Alberta. So if I’m ever asked to go on a road trip this summer – you know why!


3 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. I tend to dither before ordering at Starbucks too. I don’t go there very often, and I find the menu to be overwhelming. But there is also a line of impatient people behind me, so I end up ordering something I’m not sure I want…

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