Another Slice of Insomnia

Eyes flit open

Mind alert

“Hey Google, what time is it?”

An automated voice replies, “It’s 2:49 am.”

Good grief

Not again.

Middle of the night






Get out of bed

Make a cup of tea

Eat a banana

Crawl under the covers


Until I crash

I wake up

Prior to my alarm

I really hope


I sleep through the night.

4 thoughts on “Another Slice of Insomnia

  1. Good luck! Insomnia is tough. I’ve learned to try composing acrostic poems when I wake in the middle of the night–all entitled Insomnia. Usually I end up falling back asleep. Not sure that comments positively on my poetry though! lol

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      1. Hopefully you won’t need that strategy tonight, but if so, I hope it works. If it does, you can share it as a slice! (Got to keep looking for those upsides!)

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  2. I know this feeling so well – but have never tried getting up to eat a banana. The way you stretched out the words “and I am wide awake” is very effective.
    I am wishing a great night’s sleep for you!

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