My Sanity Savers

I thought wrong. I thought shopping first thing in the morning would be quiet.

I headed out first thing this morning to get some groceries and stock up on pet supplies.

9 am I was inside Pet Smart. Canned cat food and extra kitty litter. Check.

Quiet, quick, and out the door.

Next stop Costco – 9:10 am on a Tuesday morning. The parking lot was full, cars looping around trying to find parking. It felt ominous. I made my way indoors to the return counter. That was speedy.

Next I ventured into the heart of the store. My anxiety shot up. Throngs of people, easily more than 250 dispersed throughout the store. I slither through the store, IKEA bag on shoulder, not encumbered by a grocery cart.

I toss in bottles of supplements, salad, berries, and a chicken pot pie. I grab a copy of Quick Tax on my way to the cashier. Hand the cashier my rebate check, get the change, head out to the car.

Get home, toss clothes in wash, take shower, put groceries away.

Crash on the sofa, frazzled, and out of sorts.

My sanity savers appear. I focus on them and become grounded.


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