Unfortunately Fortunately

Unfortunately I became obsessed with finding an object that went missing at home, a small condo.

Fortunately I stopped myself after 25 minutes and made plans to replace it.

Unfortunately it inconvenienced me.

Fortunately I was able to alter my plans.

Unfortunately it was headphones for my iPhone that disappeared.

Fortunately it wasn’t a pair of iPods. (I view iPods as very expensive cat toys, and knew buying them would only lead to heartache for me and entertainment for feline friends.)

Unfortunately it is going to drive me bonkers not knowing where they up and went and disappeared to

Fortunately I named this disappearing space ‘Z Space’ and sometimes things magically reappear.

Choice Words

You know those small rectangular cards that accompany a bouquet of flowers? Not a lot of space to express everything you’d like to say. This past week I’ve been wanting to order a floral bouquet for a dear friend. She is in sore need of a pick-me-up.

I’ve been mulling over what I wanted to say. She has been a friend for over three decades. She is scared. She has faced one health crisis after another. I hate being on the sidelines and seeing her suffer.

I think I’m ready to order those flowers and bring some bloom into her life. Flowers to brighten her table and words to uplift her spirit:

You are loved.

You are important.

You are cherished.

Good Eats

Do you have a favourite go to recipe that is easy and quick?

I do.

It is Anna Jones Kale Tomato Lemon Magic One Pot Spaghetti .

I learned about this recipe from a former physiotherapist, Mitch, a vegetarian. He is an avid cook and we would often discuss food. He recently moved back to Australia. I sorely miss our discussions AND his expert care.

I have a dear friend that is a vegetarian. I knew she would like the simplicity and flavour of the recipe, so I decided to invite her over for dinner and make her some magic spaghetti.

Sure enough, she loved it and requested the recipe.

This is for you, Mitch. Miss you.

What is the product?

7 more days til the end

7 more days filled with chicken scratch (AKA random thoughts in writing journal)

7 more days of reading, writing, learning.

What is the product?

Self satisfaction

Growing confidence as a writer

Connections with a special community

The product is priceless.

Guess the Category


Not a car


Not a politician


Not a piece of furniture


Not the circus

Loop strap

Not on clothing


Not something to drive

Not someone to debate

Not something to sit down on

Not something to cavort upon aerially

Not something to toggle close

What am I?

All these disparate items have something in common:

they belong in a studio

a Pilates studio.


I tinkered around and I finally figured out how to add an About section to my menu. Cue Happy Dance!

Do you have an about section on your blog? If not, why?

With teachers from six continents participating in SOLSC, it is impossible to know where everyone hails from. Giving the reader context from which country you are from helps us with social context and background knowledge. It is like giving us a decoder key to the foundation of your words!

Without further ado, I invite you to read about me:


Thanks for dropping by. This site is dedicated to explore and hone my craft of writing. In homage to Wordsworth, it’s a space to fill with the breathings of my heart. My heartbeats are pitter patter of words. Words to share slices of my life with the community of writers from the Two Writing Teachers. This is the fifth year that I am participating in the SOLSC.

My name is Heidi and I live in Vancouver, a gem of a city nestled between mountains and ocean on the West coast of Canada. I’ve been teaching for over 25 years. I am a former district early literacy mentor, currently teaching a grade 3/4 class. I am mad about books! My classroom is infused with literature. Reading and writing go hand in hand, it is a symbiotic relationship. I’ve chosen the moniker of Book Dragon for WordPress as a nod to my infatuation with books. I am thrilled that my zeal for literature has not gone unnoticed. I am delighted to have been selected as a juror for the 2022 Sheila A. Egoff Children’s Literature Book Prize from BC Yukon Book Prizes.